For the first time in Bulgaria, at the seventh Sofia Independent Film Festival there will be a virtual cinema hub!

Certainly, one of the hit tendencies in technology that people keep talking about during the year 2016 is virtual reality (VR). But since we are talking about the meeting between cinema and virtual reality, here is one opportunity to meet virtual cinema for the first time – the seventh edition of the Sofia Independent Film Festival (27.10-06.11).

It is this year’s So Independent Film Fest where the first virtual cinema hub in Bulgaria will start working. Thanks to the special virtual reality goggles and the headphones, the Festival’s viewers will have the opportunity to see completely free of charge a selection of films made by leading film companies and presented at the Tribeca Film Festival, as well as some of the first Bulgarian VR films.


Among the films that will be available at our virtual cinema hub is “INVASION”, directed by the same director who did the hit animated film “Madagascar” – Eric Darnell. This virtual film follows fearsome aliens coming to take over the planet Earth and destroy everything that stands in their way. Naturally, the citizens of Earth rise against the evil invaders, but, surprisingly, these citizens of Earth are not humans, but a couple of the tamest creatures on the planet – two fluffy white rabbits.


The project “ASHES” is a play of movement, space and time, telling the tragic story of two people in love. Director and producer Jessica Kantor created this unique film, inspired by the legendary Pina Bausch, famous for her talent to tell captivating stories through dancing.


Director Anthony C. Ferante’s horror comedy “KILLER DEAL” follows the story of a machete seller who gets involved in big trouble, when an unwanted guest appears in his cheap hotel room. After that comes an unexpected horror story filled with surprising twists.

Among the titles for our virtual cinema hub is the Bulgarian film “Spectator’s Ship”, made by Momchil Alexiev. The film follows the story of the actor Jaque during his preparation for a film role. He meets coworkers and friends and discusses his current project with them. The camera follows his conversations and captures his imagination. Within the film what is real mixes with abstract water sceneries and surrealistic moments. During the team work on the film set where the recording happens, the viewers become a part of the process. In this story the viewers are the ones doing and knowing more than it is usual…


The visitors of the first in Bulgaria virtual cinema hub will also have the opportunity to see the medieval fortress Krakra, located at a small rocky table-land in the south-western part of Pernik. In “Krakra’s Fortress” the fortress is captured and shown like it looked nearly 1000 years ago.

“Ravadinovo VR Experience” also offers a unique virtual cinema experience. It its story is kept the controversial nature of one of the most important sights in Bulgaria – the Castle in Ravadinovo. To many people it is a mystic and romantic place. To others it is the closest thing to Disneyland or a fairy tale adventure they can experience in this part of the Balkans.

Official partners of the first in Bulgaria virtual cinema hub are VRCITY, Samsung и Athlon, and producer is United Production.

For more relevant information about the forthcoming seventh So Independent Film Fest you can visit our website: http://soindependentfilmfest.com/films/?lang=en